About me

My name is Andrea Domini. I was born and raised in Rome. Part of my family is from Florence and my passion in art started there with the masterpieces of the Renaissance’s great artists such as Michelangelo’s and Botticelli’s. I received an Academic Degree in art history at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. I’m a specialist in XVI century art. I wrote a Thesis about the frescoes painted in a XVI century palace close to St.Peter’s square; Frescoes painted during the time of Pope Gregory XIII, who commissioned several work of art we still admire through the Vatican museums’ path. My passion in art would not be done after my University days, therefore I enhanced my interest by becoming a licensed tour guide in both English and Spanish. I hope to keep this knowledge alive by sharing it with as many people as possible. As a local art historian I’m interested in telling people how Rome changed throughout the ages and how it looked when I was a child.

This job gives me the possibility to go on studying and updating the different archeological aspects of the city. Rome is a living city, new excavations are taking place and new discoveries are even leading to reconsideration of its history. This aspect is something I thoroughly enjoy sharing. Rome took advantage from the meeting of different civilizations, integrating them into its own culture. This is the spirit of the visits presented in this site: as a fragment of a masterpiece contains all its essence, Rome is able, at a glance, to tell stories and legends of people who lived in the past. Choosing me is a way to see Rome through the eyes of a native who also shares interesting personal experiences as we talk and walk. After six years as a full time guide I can arrange private tours in various sites where the star is always you and your party. All tours are presented as already fixed but they may be customized accordingly to your taste and needs. I'd be pleased to take you through the history and beauty of the Eternal City, from Ancient to Modern, from the thousand-year old archaeological sites to prestigious Art Collections. Every single monument will leave an indelible memory in your journey.
I look forward to see you soon.

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