AD Tours@Home Borghese Gallery

Bernini - When marble dances

AD Tours@Home Borghese Gallery

Bernini - When marble dances

MEETING POINT: Online wherever you are.  Zoom platform will be used for this event.

SIGHTS VISITED: Bernini’s masterpieces housed at the Borghese Gallery in Rome. 



It would be my great pleasure to take you into an incredible treasure trove in my hometown: the Borghese Gallery. As an art historian I would like to introduce you the first masterpieces by the incomparable Baroque sculptor, Gian Lorenzo Bernini. In this virtual tour we will view the marble statues from many different angles to fully understand the mastery of Bernini.


The works presented are:

Aeneas and Anchises, The rape of Proserpina, Apollo and Daphne and David.

Enjoy the statues from different perspectives. 

Linger on the remarkable details and on how workable the marble was for Bernini.

Listen to the stories behind the statues: 

the love affairs of Apollo and Daphne and Pluto and Proserpina, the story of Aeneas and his father fleeing from Troy and the wit of David defeating Goliath.

Who was the Cardinal who commissioned such beauty?

Why so much sensuality in a collection of a clergyman?

How revolutionary these works are by involving the observer with the sculpture?


TIPS: It is recommended to download Zoom app before the day of the meeting. Zoom app can be downloaded via Play-store for android and Apple-store for iOS.


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