AD Tours@Home Caravaggio

The damned Michelangelo

AD Tours@Home Caravaggio

The damned Michelangelo

MEETING POINT: Online wherever you are.  Zoom platform will be used for this event.



In this tour we go into two churches in Rome that house masterpieces by the controversial and brilliant painter Caravaggio.

In Santa Maria del Popolo two altarpieces show the dramatic moments in the lives of the two patrons of Rome, St. Peter and St. Paul.

In San Luigi dei Francesi three paintings tell the story of St. Mathew the evangelist.


For those who love paintings and the secrets behind them, this is the right tour to join. 

Caravaggio is one of the most famous painters in the story of Italian art. Many stories have been told about his works and about his reckless life.

Learn the story of the paintings and the technique used by the artist.

Forget the classical beauty and dive into the realism depicted by Caravaggio; mysterious characters and disturbing figures come out from the dark. Sacred stories take place in ordinary places. Saints who show their fragility and their martyrdom.

Enjoy the theatrical effects the artist could create thanks to his ability to use the light.

This virtual visit wants to underline the gap Caravaggio built between two centuries.



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